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IMPORTANT: All of our maintenance services meet or exceed warranty requirements for Porsche, BMW, Audi, Volkswagen and Mini. We use only factory quality parts and manufacturer approved fluids. Servicing your vehicle at Stuttgart will NOT void any factory warranties.
Your vehicle is an investment. The best way to protect this investment is through regular professional maintenance. Importantly, proper servicing will result in:
  • reduced likelihood of costly and inconvenient breakdowns
  • better vehicle performance
  • lower lifetime operating costs
  • increased safety
  • improved fuel mileage
  • higher vehicle resale value
Yes, we change oil. But, we believe this specific task is only one aspect of good maintenance. Sure, a quick-lube shop can give you an inexpensive oil change, but these shops are production lines designed to do one thing, as quickly as possible, for all makes and models. Their incomplete services typically are performed by people unfamiliar with the unique qualities and requirements of your vehicle. Additionally, the products they sell do not always meet Original Equipment specifications. Your vehicle is a special investment; it deserves special attention.
Even dealerships fall victim to the “speed 1st, care 2nd” service mentality – the result of the cookie-cutter approach taken by many dealer service departments and mechanics. Our 3k and 5k Mile Maintenance Services are custom tailored to you and your vehicle for maximum value and long term vehicle performance. You’ll find there’s nothing basic about our oil changes, because there’s nothing basic about your car.
Each 3k and 5k Maintenance Service includes:
  • the proper removal and installation of any lower engine panels required for oil draining and under-car inspection
  • change oil with manufacturer’s recommended grade and weight motor oil (recommended change interval = 3,000 miles with conventional oil, 5,000 miles with synthetic, or every 6 months – whichever comes first)
  • replace oil filter with OE (Original Equipment) quality filter, inspect oil filter mount/housingj
  • installation of proper oil drain plug sealing ring
  • comprehensive Visual Courtesy Check of the following:
    • coolant level and quality (test for freeze and boil-over
    • protection, system compatibility, and pH level)
    • serpentine accessory belts, tensioners and pulleys
    • cabin/pollen filter (subject to accessibility)
    • brake fluid level and quality (chemically test - see FAQ’s )
    • brake pad thickness, condition of rotors, calipers and hydraulic flex lines
    • power steering fluid level and quality
    • battery (subject to accessibility)
    • wiper blades
    • exterior lights
    • suspension, steering and driveline components
    • engine, transmission, and differentials for leaks
    • exhaust system
    • instrument panel warning lights (including print-out of any vehicle diagnostic trouble code system faults (DTC’s) associated with Check Engine Lights, ABS warning lights, AirBag (SRS) warning lights and Traction Control warning lights
    • tire pressures and overall condition
    • wheel integrity and appearance
  • add Wurth® methanol-free windshield washer solvent to reservoir
  • reset Service Interval Indicator as necessary
  • road test vehicle
As comprehensive as our 3k and 5k Mile Maintenance Services are, every so often your vehicle will require some more attention to ensure lowest lifetime operating cost and optimal safety, performance and reliability. This supplementary maintenance comes in two forms:
  1. Time Based – these Services typically include:
    • Brake hydraulic system flush (typically required every 2 years, regardless of mileage) See FAQ’s
    • Engine coolant change (recommended every 4 years (or anytime the system has been contaminated with incompatible coolant (e.g. during quick-lube shop top-off’s), regardless of mileage
    • SRS/Airbag inspections (typically required at 4 years, 8 years, then every 2 years)
  2. Mileage Based – these Services typically include:
    • Major mile (30k, 60k, etc.) or Service Inspection (SI 1, 2, etc.,) Services.
    • Drivetrain fluids and filters (e.g. transmissions, differentials, Haldex AWD systems)
    • Timing belt (and related components) replacement (typically every 75k to 90k miles, depending on engine type)
    • Motorvac® fuel system cleaning (recommended with every “major” service for reduced emissions and maximum engine performance and gas mileage

      This top fuel injector is clogged. This restriction in fuel delivery can cause a series of symptoms including: hard starting, lack of power, poor fuel economy, rough idle, stalling, misfiring, and more. The bottom injector has been cleaned using the Motorvac® Carbon Clean. You can easily see the difference in the spray pattern that has been restored to full flow. Additionally, deposits on intake valves can rob an engine of performance and fuel economy. A Motorvac® service will help remove these harmful deposits from many areas throughout your vehicle’s entire fuel system and combustion chambers.

    • Computerized 4-wheel alignment - Uneven tire wear, a pull to one side o another, or a steering wheel off-center - these are all conditions that may indicate the need for an alignment. It’s also a good idea to have us align your car after new tires have been installed to maximize tread life. Vehicles can drive straight, but still be out of alignment. Our computerized Hunter® 4-wheel alignment equipment allows us to precisely set up modern suspension systems to minimize vehicle component wear and maximize your comfort and safety.
    • Tire Sales, Mounting & Balancing
    Additionally, our comprehensive Pre-Purchase Inspections provide you with an unbiased evaluation of a vehicle’s existing condition. It is an investment in your peace of mind, and in most cases, the inspection pays for itself as a sales price negotiation tool.
  • Tire repair and replacement
  • Tire/wheel balancing
  • Wheel refinishing
  • Speedometer/odometer repair
  • Windshield/glass replacement and rock chip repair
  • Paintless dent removal
  • Vehicle Detailing