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The Stuttgart Difference
Unlike corn and coffee, automotive service is not a commodity. Rather, it is a qualitative process. It is a relationship between the service provider, the vehicle and its owner; it is not one particular task. It is not only fixing a car that is broken; it is helping to prevent those breakdowns in the first place. At Stuttgart we want to get to know you and your car. We want to know how you drive, where you drive…even why you drive. We want you to know what’s best for your car based on how you drive it. We want you to know the person who actually works on your car and we want you to see where that work is done. We take tremendous pride in our facility, its cleanliness, organization and transparency. These qualities are not superfluous. They are critical to our success and your happiness.
Although certain services and repairs may share the same name from shop to shop, they are usually not identical. Familiar services like wheel alignments, brakes and shocks offered by general repair facilities and tire shops are often sold by uninformed sales people and performed by inexperienced mechanics. Today’s complex vehicles require a precise approach to service that no “all makes and models” shop can offer. The skill, knowledge and care of the entire service team, the shop equipment and environment, and the quality of parts and materials all play significant roles in determining the end result. Additionally, warranty coverage and ease of settlement can often lend insight into a shop’s level of confidence and competence.